Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Jon has many hobbies that change anywhere from every few months to years. His longest hobby since I've known him is cycling. Previous hobbies, some of which have come and gone more than once, include music, sewing his own bow ties, shaving, and recording music. Around gift giving times, he always tells me I need a hobby. Truthfully, I've never really had a hobby that stuck. I'd say the longest one was competitive diving which I participated in from 3rd through sixth grade, then dabbled in again in high school and very briefly in college. Diving was hands down my favorite activity as a kid, but a bout with walking pneumonia and then recurring bronchial infections every time I got in the water in the months thereafter led me to cut back during middle school. Once I picked it up again in 8th grade, middle school had ravaged any thread of self confidence I had and I was suddenly petrified of doing all my favorite dives. But I digress.
Does taking copious amounts of pictures of Elden count?
I've put a lot of thought into it and I realized that I do have a hobby that I absolutely adore: blogging. I know many bloggers who are trying to use their blogs as a main source of income/job, and others who have a true gift for writing that have been offered book deals. Do I think it would be awesome to make money off something I enjoy doing? Absolutely. Do I see myself turning this into any form of significant income? No way. I would equate being required to meet blogging deadlines to summer reading in school--I love reading books, until you tell me what books I have to read or when I have to read them by. Since writing in this space is an emotional outlet for me, I genuinely think being forced to write a certain post by a certain time in order to make money would ruin everything for me. That's not to say if I'm asked to review a product I really love for compensation or am asked to advertise someone else's blog on my sidebar I won't. But I won't ever "sell out" and write about random things that I have absolutely no interest in. I also probably won't go to extensive lengths to advertise my blog in other areas. The reality is, this blog is essentially a boring scrapbook of our lives that I write in to keep family and friends updated and to keep track of memories for my own sake. If I were a stranger I don't know if I would read it. Witty humor is not one of my fruits of the spirit.
How about snuggling him?
So then what could my darling husband get me for my hobby for things like my birthday or Christmas? Considering money is stupidly tight for us right now, we're only doing stocking stuffers for each other this Christmas so I'd say this post is not applicable for a long time. We've also avoided giving gifts to each other on our anniversary or Valentine's day because we just don't have expendable income right now. Last year for a combined Christmas/birthday gift, he bought me our camera so I could use it on the blog. Since then, he's had a hard time coming up with ideas and I've not been any help because my honest response is "I have everything I need, what I want is money towards bills." But should we ever desire to exchange gifts and JP needs some ideas (wink wink) to buy me towards my hobby, I would LOVE to have someone design a new layout for me, or perhaps walk me through some code how-to's so I could make it more original/me. Along the same token, I would be thrilled if he would give me something that I could give away on here (weird, right?) because I've been blessed by the blog friendships I've formed and always want to give more to my readers but just can't find the funds to do so right now unless someone essentially donated it to the cause. Beyond that, I'm out of ideas. So my fellow bloggers, what would you recommend as nice/helpful to have that relates to blogging?

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