Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Things have been pretty mum over here because the last 5 or so days have been far from ideal.

All those glorious visions of a charming 'Elden's first Christmas' filled with warmth, homemade croissant French toast, and cheer? In true life form, that's so not how things played out.

Elden's still sick. He's puked at least once per night--but only at night--every night since Wednesday. I have a call into his pediatrician's office about this matter as we speak. He's been refusing to sleep in his bed which means we've been *gasp* cosleeping since Wednesday, not by choice but by necessity. Oh, except Christmas eve. Christmas eve we attempted to cosleep but it was really just lots of crying by two of us and general unhappiness. We gave the poor kiddo baby acetaminophen last night and that generally seemed to help him sleep through the night, but he's still very clingy and generally not himself. Starting to be troubled by this fact and hoping his doctor can glean some insight. Perhaps it could be teething, or perhaps Dr. Google is wrong again.
blurry--but his current sleeping position
Suffice to say, fatigue and frustration run high in our house at the moment. Meanwhile, we are under blizzard and winter storm warnings. This culminates in the perfect exhausted storm (pun intended) that yields little time or energy for blogging. Not to mention the loads (literally) of laundry that need to be done thanks to two puking episodes in mom and dad's big bed last night, and the numerous sleepers and crib sheets that have been soiled this week...

I hope to return to you soon as that will mean my baby is feeling better, I've actually gotten some sleep, and life has returned to relative normal.

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