Thursday, December 20, 2012


The littlest member of team flip is currently battling the plague, or more specifically, RSV. The two bigger members of team flip are both showing signs that they soon will also be battling the plague.

It ain't pretty. Boogers and boogers for days. Elden is miserable. We had a pediatrician visit last evening and she said so far his respiratory tract seems to be doing what it's supposed to but gave us the red flags that would warrant an ER trip. We're praying it doesn't come to that. In the meantime, I have been feeding him on demand when I am home, Jon and I did 1.5-hour shifts throughout the night last night, and in general the only times he slept were when he was inclined against one of our chests. We've got the humidifier on high, bulb syringe locked and loaded, and Vaseline with shea butter spread thick on the skin surrounding his nose.

This doesn't bode so well for Christmas. We just had to wave the white flag about our small group Christmas party that's supposed to be at our house tomorrow (and that we've been looking so forward to for three weeks). I've called my mom to warn her our family's Christmas celebration on Saturday may go unattended. We need to do the same with Jon's family. If it's RSV, his pediatrician said we're looking at about a 7-14 day battle. So please be praying for rapid healing and for a little man that doesn't require more invasive medical attention. Even though last night was a rough, sleepless one, I ate up every second of having those chest to chest cuddles with Elden. I also suppose I get used to this--sometimes life happens at the most inopportune times. We just have to deal with what we face as it comes. What better time to start than at baby's first Christmas celebration?!

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  1. Oh, sorry to hear this! Praying for a speedy recovery.