Tuesday, December 4, 2012

some updates

1. Lee had his surgery on Friday. While he made it through the procedure fine (praise Jesus!), there was the disappointing news that they had to remove a lot more intestine than they had hoped. That being said, because they removed it, they are hopeful this was his last surgery and that Lee will have a normal life eventually, however it will be a much longer road than previously thought. The doctors predict that Lee will be receiving IV nutrition that should mostly be supplemental while his intestines adapt to absorbing all he needs, but it is somewhat stressful because IV nutrition is a lot of work and is hard on the liver. Here's what Laura is asking specifically for prayers on right now: "Pray for: his intestines to begin working, his remaining intestines to remain healthy and be able to absorb all that he needs, his liver to remain healthy while it is being somewhat overworked, wisdom for us and for the doctors in the myriad of decisions and steps forward, for the blood clot to dissolve, for no setbacks or complications- This is really important!"

2. Night 2 of marathon sleeplessness continued last night, except worse. Sunday night he gave us an hour between wake-ups. Last night it was 30 minutes. For the record, I HATE cosleeping. My sleep is probably just as crummy as when I have to get up every 20 minutes to attempt to soothe Elden since I'm hyper-vigilant of my surroundings, namely not rolling onto him and/or kicking him in my sleep. But alas, Jon wasn't getting any sleep either so I sent him off to the guest room and I brought Elden to bed with me. Jon and I were both up by 4:45 am. Mama's tired.

3. Related to #2, we have been taking Elden's temperature the past few days to make sure nothing troublesome is afoot since this sleep change literally came out of nowhere and overnight. This morning we measured our first official fever à la the bum--100.6F. Luckily, we have Elden's 4-month well-visit this afternoon so we will get confirmation that the fever is due to teething (our suspicion) as opposed to some sort of infection.

4. Mad props to my friend, Lauren, for posting this on her Facebook and helping me feel a little less crappy about my exhaustion. That link is Jon-approved which is saying something because he's quite the critic when it comes to humor.

5. Elden is learning risky behavior a tad early in my book:
monkey French kisses
5. Can someone please tell me when December happened?

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  1. Dani, I was wondering the same thing about December. When you have kids time just seems to go by way too fast.