Saturday, January 26, 2013

five-minute beauty post

I have mastered the art of getting ready in less than five minutes in the morning. If given the choice, I would spend every waking second in my bed. Therefore, mornings that involve nursing a baby AND getting ready before work require me to rock at getting ready in as little time as possible to accommodate my bed addiction. Here are my "working mom who loves to sleep" tricks:

1. Shower at night. This affords you more time in your bed in the morning.
2. Pack your lunch/prepare all bottles the night before.
3. Stop caring what you look like--kind of. I should note that I also work for a company that lets us wear jeans to work. This definitely helps with the whole getting ready situation. Days that I have to dress up nicer (visitors at work or presentations) I tend to set my outfit out the night before.
4. Bobby pins and pony-tail holders are your friend. Embrace them.
5. Find the best beauty products on the face of the earth and live by them (and in them).

My usual routine involves waking up, pumping one side, nursing Elden on the other side, brushing teeth/hair, washing face, putting on face lotion, concealer, and powder (better safe than sorry, amiright?), and mascara. I usually clip my bangs up and pull my hair back into a mid-pony or bun-ish thing. If I'm feeling particularly sassy, I'll throw on some under-eye dark spot concealer (because let's face it, I perpetually have bags under my eyes...), eye shadow, blush, and actually straighten my hair. The simpler routine seriously takes me maybe 3 minutes, but I'm saying 5 to be liberal, and then if I decide to snazz myself up a bit more I'm banking that it takes maybe 10. These are the products/methods that make this possible:
This is how I look when I wake up in the morning. Except usually much grouchier.
The goods!
My go-to eye shadow 
Dark spot concealer
My trusty straightener
My current lip products (because they were free and they make my lips silky)
Final touch
Straightened hair
I don't typically wear my hair down anymore because someone has very grabby hands and he holds on for dear life. Here's my favorite (read: easiest for the payoff) hairstyle:
Pin back bangs to the side, pull into bun-ish thing
Other side
Finished product. Now if I can just figure out how to keep my bra straps in my shirt...
So to recap, here's my methods linked to the products I use:
Night before:
1. Shower 
2. Apply finishing creme through damp hair
1. Wash face (this varies depending on what type of face wash we have at the time)
2. Apply face lotion (I use tinted)
3. Concealer/foundation
4. Powder
5. Blush
8. Mascara (best mascara I've used that doesn't clump--usually I do Sephora brand but I'm making a switch because this is cheaper!)
9. Lip gloss/chapstick/whatever you have--I got mine as my birthday freebie from Sephora, but I usually use something like this
10. Heat protector (this really helps with the frizzies in these dry months)
11. Straighten hair (I can't remember where we got mine from... I think Sally Beauty?)

I hope this helps someone else who is busy and loves to sleep. In case anyone cares, I have crazy fine hair (but a lot of it) and typically oily/often adolescenty skin--hence all the foundations and powders and general overkill. It has taken trial and error with a slew of beauty products to figure out which ones work best for me, but now that I've found them I'm never letting go!

Note: I was provided some of the products above for free to review (specifically the lotion, powder, eye shadow, dark circle concealer, mascara, heat protector and root lifter spray) but I really do use these items regularly and they have made my life so much easier. I would not tell you to use anything I didn't have a good experience with.


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