Friday, January 4, 2013

gingerbread jersey snore

You know those Mucinex commercials where the booger people live in your nose and talk? I often times envision little elf-type people inhabiting my brain and acting as the source of all my cravings/emotions/actions. It's almost as if they're manipulating each neuronal pathway in my head to get me to do what they want.

I promise I'm not crazy.

Elden's 22-week picture will likely not be posted today (and probably not tomorrow either) because last night we discovered something. You see, it's been a nightly battle of the century for the past 2 or so weeks to get homie to sleep at night. On Wednesday night after letting him cry it out for 30 minutes I went in and just held/cuddled him for about ten. After that, I put him down in his crib, still awake, fully expecting him to begin crying. He ultimately drifted off to sleep and mostly slept through the rest of the night.

Fast-forward to last night--Jon and I decided to read to him and cuddle with him before we put him down for the night to see if these nightly battles were just his desire for a little more downtime with mom and pops before bed. While nursing him, I began to read him a book. He drifted off to sleep and I read him a second book. Then we laid him in bed--no fussing at all--and he remained asleep. Jon and I high-fived and headed to our room to talk about a Bible passage we had read that day.

We should have known that pride comes before a fall. #badchristians

Elden was up all throughout the night, and it was the kind of "up" that required bouncing, humming, general motion-that-isn't-easy-when-it's-2:30-and-you've-barely-slept motion to calm down. I think it's GI-related still (no poops yesterday) and I have every intention of bringing this up at his noggin-check next Friday.

Anyway, when I got to work I stumbled into the kitchen and opened the drawer that holds our K-cups. You can imagine the little brain elves' joy when I opened the drawer that had been empty spare decaf yesterday and found this:
The brain elves did a collective little dance. It likely resembled a Ke$ha concert all up in there. I then proceeded to dabble through the drawer as we (the elves and I) decided which roast we wanted (we sprung for medium... desperate times).

As I made my coffee I heated up my Pop Tarts for breakfast.

Now. Don't you even think you need to lecture me on the lack of nutritional value in a Pop Tart and the fact that I'm no longer 7 for one second. Trust me, I know. But when it's 6:30 am and you're getting ready to leave for work and you got about 3.5 collective hours of crappy sleep the night before, you're just trying to survive.

Okay. I'm lying. I packed myself the Pop Tarts last night after we had gotten Elden down and talked about our reading. I was fully awake and joyous at our bedtime success and lack of screaming baby. Stupid pride! STUPID.

Anyway, imagine my brain elf horror when I pulled out my gingerbread Pop Tart and found this monstrosity painted across the surface:
Perhaps it's my irrational, but very real, fear of clowns. Perhaps it's the magnitude of spray tan this gingerbread girl seems to have undergone. Perhaps it's those hauntingly hollow eyes and those balls? (oh! snowballs! okay I still don't get it) she's holding. It almost scared me away from eating my Pop Tart. 

But then the elves told me what better way to end this than to eat and therefore destroy evil gingerbread Snooki? So I did and it was delicious. 

But right, 22-week picture. I'm tired. He's cranky. Tomorrow I'm embarking on a huge painting project with Nikki. So it'll have to wait.


  1. WHOA. Creepy clowns on food = completely unnecessary.

  2. have you tried gripe water or gas drops for babies? Baby sleep is so important for brain development. Pearl had some gas early on cuz she gulped a lot. Gas drops helped a ton and then later we realized she had some reflux. Could it be reflux? Perhaps try some reflux meds just to see if taht helps...ya know jsut to rule some things out. Ive learned so much about happens alot when they lay down. Pearl is pretty content and has a pretty high pain tolerance but, I noticed pearl is A LOT better sleeper (and kinda a different baby even) when we remember to give her her medicine. And i noticed she still reacts to tomatoes... mama gets heartburn...she will too. Also, how is his napping at daycare? From what i read, babies will wake a ton at night if they are over tired. If he is not sleeping well at daycare...perhaps thats why his night sleep is up and down? Its a great book and has really helped me get pearl to only wake when she is hungry. She will go a 6 hr stretch and then a 5 hr one. Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. Book changed my life.