Sunday, January 20, 2013

help a wounded soldier's family

Hi all. Two of my former high school classmates got married in 2010 and had a beautiful baby girl in 2011. In 2012, Alex was deployed in Afghanistan when a suicide bomber killed three members in Alex's unit and severely injured Alex--they were unsure if he would keep is arm and leg. After countless surgeries, time in the hospital, and rehab, Alex came back home. He and his wife, Mallorie, decided to buy their dream home. A few hours after closing, they discovered mold along the baseboards. Following consultation with an expert, they were told any portion of the house with mold would need removed. They started at the baseboards and by the time it was all over their entire house had to be demoed on the inside. It turns out there was water damage from what appears to be a leaky roof and the sellers had masked it by covering up the moldy, damaged insulation and removing the old drywall and improperly placing new drywall in an act of complete deception. It's despicable. It will cost $100,000 for them to get it repaired; they cannot afford this nor can they afford to rent an apartment, so they are staying in Mallorie's mom's basement as they attempt to figure out what to do next. They have applied to be on HGTV for a home makeover as this is currently the only way they can make the home they purchased habitable. They sent HGTV a video submission and have also posted it on youtube with the hope that social media can highlight their need and really grab HGTV's attention. Would you please help them? The video below explains everything and shows you the inside of their home. Please like, comment, and share this video with as many people as you can. Alex almost made the ultimate sacrifice for his country. This is the least we can do, amiright?

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