Thursday, January 31, 2013

how is it thursday already?

Things have been full-blown cray over in these parts lately.

The pediatrician was on the fence as to whether Elden has an amoxicillin allergy. He said the rash was definitely caused by the meds but that it could have been more of a side effect (the direction he's leaning) than an allergy. He said we could stop (we were on day 8 of 10) and that we'd avoid the amox family in the future unless "our backs are against the wall."

I went a little hang-happy the other day at home. We've had 3 pictures sitting on our dining room buffet since  November with spots picked out. If you haven't noticed by now, it takes us an average of 4 months to get any single house project done. Jon wasn't home from school yet, Elden was still at daycare, and all I could find was a sledgehammer. Don't you think for one second I let that stop me. Deciding to let it all hang out and through caution to the wind, I forewent a ruler, pencil and level and took my sledgehammer and nails and went to town. Sure, I may have made some sledgehammer marks and extra nail holes, but you'll never know... unless you move my pictures.

The blog! It has a new design and header. I can thank Aliya for that! I am basically in love with it.

Elden is going to be six months on Sunday. We realized that when I was nursing him this morning, at which point Jon looked at him and said, "hey buddy! You're going to be half a year old on Sunday. We're throwing you a party: it's called the Superbowl!" #lovemyhusband

Related, Jon and I are a bunch of old fogies and the thought of going anywhere/having guests over on the eve of a work/school day past 7 pm is preposterous to us. However, we both love food, especially party food. As such, we've declared that in honor of Superbowl Sunday/Elden's half birthday we will be having chili dip, spinach artichoke dip, and tortilla chips for dinner.

Work is insane. I have several pretty strict deadlines for this first quarter and I have therefore been putting in lots of extra hours. The good news is it helps make my days go fast (usually) and that it's job security. The bad news is that it means significantly less time with Elden during the week which all but slays me on the reg.

We had made such good progress on our bathroom remodel back in December. But then illnesses took over, Jon's classes started up again, and we are back to staring at just-primed wood, unfinished windows, and a lack of cabinet door. We also haven't touched the attic since the chevron wall was painted.

Being the seasoned grown-ups we now are, we have an appointment with an accountant next week to help us with our taxes, have called several mold remediation specialists for estimates on nipping any lingering mold in our basement in the bud, etc. Look at us being useful members of society!

Photo dump:

Scored this hat for $0.99 at TJ Maxx
Matching aprons!


  1. LOVE the new header!!!

    Dave and I are having our own personal party on Sunday, too. We're having tofu spinach balls (sound weird but awesome), mini pizzas, fruit, nachos, and funky monkey pie!

  2. I love those matching aprons!!!!

  3. Um, seriously? That adorable!

    And I LOVE the new blog design. Love, love, love.

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