Tuesday, January 1, 2013

impromptu double date night

On Friday was my work's holiday party at Pickwick & Frolic. At the last minute at work on Friday, a few people couldn't make it so we had extra tickets that we paid for regardless of whether they went to use. I asked the lovely lady in charge of the event if I could offer 2 of the extras to Heather and Paul and she said of course. Well, in the biggest shock of the parents-with-young-children-century, they were able to make it! We couldn't stop laughing about the fact that not only were we hanging out past 9 pm, but that we were able to do so very last minute even though we all had littles at home.

We even snapped a phone photo! Classy.
We started the evening with cocktails and appetizers, followed by a ridiculously delicious buffet and dessert, rounding the night off with a comedy show downstairs at Hilarities. The headlining comedian was Kenny Rogerson and he was hi. lar. i. ous. Seriously--if you EVER have an opportunity to see this guy do stand-up PLEASE don't let it pass you by. I emphasize the importance with my caps lock.

Once the party was over we swung by the in-laws' to get our little guy and headed back home for the night where we easily transferred Elden from carseat to crib without problem. To say I was shocked would be an understatement.

We had a blast and while we were at dinner we realized the last time we all went out together was when Jon and I lived in Chicago and they came out to visit us the weekend we got engaged. You know, just THREE FLIPPIN' YEARS AGO. With the fun we had I assure you I will make certain the next double date occurs well before 2016.

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  1. So glad you got to get out with friends!!