Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Oh it has been an adventurous few days.

The poop! Look at the poop! You'd think these words would mark a milestone in motherhood. It's not. I love anything burp/poop/fart. I actually have a friend from college (who shall remain nameless for her benefit) who I regularly text about pooping. She texts back when she poops, too. That's part of why she's one of my people. She gets it, man.

But back to the poop! There's a reason for its mentioning. As I had written in my last post, nighttime equals nightmare for us lately. On Saturday we decided we were going to attempt crying it out. Elden screamed for about 20 minutes when we put him down for the night, then was out until around 2 am. Then he woke up and screamed almost nonstop from 2-4am. He finally settled down but mostly whimpered and fussed til 6.

Naps on Sunday went textbook. Totally perfect. Hence our confusion about nighttime.

Sunday night we cried it out again. This time he screamed for about 35-40 minutes when we first put him down, then again for about half an hour straight at midnight. Pretty much every 5-15 minutes after that, he would quiet down then start screaming again. Finally by 4:30 am, Jon and I couldn't handle it any longer and we went in and got him. We brought him into our bed with the conviction that crying it out wasn't what was best for our boy and the resolution to regroup at sunrise.

Thank God for flex/vacation time because it allowed me to get about 2 solidish hours of sleep before I stumbled into work. As an aside, if you ever lose faith in humanity, cause your child to not sleep for about three consecutive weeks and post relentlessly about it on your social media accounts. You will be greatly humbled by the kind words of encouragement, support, and advice. (Thank you to everyone who has lifted our family up over these past few weeks. You're heroes.)

So yesterday we decided to put Elden down in his crib at night, let him cry it out when he went to sleep, but then get him and put him in his pack n play in our room at the first sign in the middle of the night that he wouldn't be crying himself to sleep. The other potentially life-altering thing we discovered had to do with the poop. I told you I was going somewhere with this. When I called my mom on my way into work (in tears, natch) about how confused/frustrated/exhausted we were, she mentioned how Elden's poop is often a somewhat startling chartreuse color. We were told that yellows/greens were normal for breastfed baby poop so we didn't think anything of it. She said she had changed lots of breastfed baby diapers and never seen such a vibrant yellow green. After asking Dr. Google, I happened upon this little gem. Let's see here: colic? Check. Cramps/GI discomfort? Check. Bright green poop? Check. Along a similar line, I found other items that talked about increased feeding/fussiness during the day if you have a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance. Homeboy was drinking 9 ounces at a time. I've never heard of a baby eating that much. I decided to give it a go and both times I nursed him last night I only offered one side and I kept it at the firing position until Elden was more interested in his hands/my face/everything but the boob. Other than that we really didn't do anything differently last night.

Then he fussed for about 30 minutes at bedtime (but only fussed) and slept through the night, well past 6 am! I'm not sure the root cause or if anything we did yesterday had a positive effect, but I'll take it. Hopeful for another good night tonight but feeling at the very least more mentally prepared/rested in case tonight regresses to a bad night.

In other news, Nikki helped me paint completely painted, entirely by herself because I don't have that type of patience or talent, a chevron accent wall in our attic (soon to be half playroom/half office) over the weekend! She posted pictures and wrote all about how to replicate this in your own abode here. I am really excited about this room and have big, big plans for it. Plans that include a built-in desk/bookshelf, homemade baby jail, DIY valences, etc. It will certainly take time to complete, but we're already making great progress (famous last words). I'll try and post some updates along the way.
Tuckered out with Oma while his ma and Nikki painted
I also told Jon that he started classes yesterday so he took the tiny guy to daycare and headed down to Canton. He then called me thirty minutes later to inform me that classes start on Wednesday, not Monday. After some serious face palming I did a quick search and realized Jon's correction of my mistake was actually a mistake--his classes start Thursday. So I guess even though I caused him an extra trip I saved him from a second extra trip? That's fair, right? I guess you can say the moral of the story is to always Google the poop first, quadruple check the semester start dates, and keep the boob rocked out for as long as humanly possible. And when all else fails, chocolate.


  1. Have you tried giving Elden powdered probiotics? When Leo was little we thought he might be developing colic (he didn't) but the doctor said that some studies have shown probiotics can be helpful with colic by working with their digestive systems. Here's my post on it: http://girlevolving.com/2011/09/15/baby-probiotics/

  2. we had the green as grass poop too. WHen my milk first came in it happened, and anytime im overproducing it happens. When im "just right" or "producing just enough" her poo goes back to yellow. Crazy.

    poo teehee