Wednesday, January 16, 2013


A(nother) nasty cold struck down all three of us late last week and I am just now able to say I think we're all operating at about 75% or better. I did make sure to get out for a few walks this weekend when we had ridiculously unseasonable 65-degree weather. Elden hasn't pooped since Friday so there's that... despite giving him a little prune juice we've had no luck and have called into the pediatrician for counsel yet again.
Walk in mid-January? Yes please.
Also, I'm pretty sure I'm that mom. Okay, I know I'm that mom. I think I call them about something at least once, sometimes more, per week. This can be traced back to my inherent need to control everything. When I cannot control the health of my child I instead try to proactively fix every little thing that pops up. I'm trying to let go. Maybe when he can talk.

In other news, Elden's been giving what we call 'kisses.' He will take one of his hands to pull your face closer to his via one of your cheeks then opens wide and sucks on the other cheek. I'm quite certain he probably just mistook my cheek for a boob (so soft, amiright?) but I'll make myself feel great and say he knows he's just giving kisses. I've been soaking up every moment and have made it a habit to cuddle with Elden for his evening nap and encourage him to sleep in my arms. This is one of my favorite parts of the day:
For the sake of full disclosure, Jon and I have been working through some pretty deep stuff lately. That has also contributed to my lack of posts--my heart is heavy and my mind elsewhere. We had a really great conversation last night and have begun moving in a much more positive direction. I promise to fill you in soon. I just like to write drafts of those sort of posts and get Jon's blessing before publishing them. Since I've been more preoccupied with fixing the problems instead of writing about fixing them, there will be a delay in that info.

Finally, Jon and I have booked our first family vacation as a trio! I have a work conference in April in Chicago so my mom is flying out with me during the week so I can bring Elden and continue to nurse him--she will watch him while I'm at the conference. Jon joins us that Friday (my mom is heading home Friday) and we are staying at a TBD hotel in the windy city! Can't wait to get back there!


  1. Pearl has started kissing too! Ill say "aww kisses?" and she leans her face in (about half the time). Right now this is my only hope that something socially didn't go horribly wrong when we got her the Hib shot.

    We are also talking our first flying trip in april. You should write a blog on how to travel with an 8 month old. Im already stressing about what its going to be like!

    1. I saw that on your blog and thought the kissing thing was too funny! When in April are you traveling? We go in mid-April so you might fly first! We're also only flying an hour away so depending on where you travel to I'm guessing you could tell me a thing or two!

  2. Kisses??? Kisses!!!! How precious! :)