Thursday, January 24, 2013

ten things

1. I didn't know there was a difference between stock and crock pots. And yes, this did affect my weekly meal making recently. Fail.

2. I have seriously been contemplating surrogacy to pay off some of my student loan debt. Jon is not on board. Working on it!

3. My hair is stupidly brittle as of late. Up until a few days ago I thought it was still postpartum hair loss but Jon pointed out that it looks more like my hair is breaking than falling out. I have mixed feelings about this.What hair products do you recommend to repair crazy damaged (for no reason. Let's be real. I don't typically blow dry or flat iron it. Ain't nobody got time for that) hair?

4. I work for a company that lets me look like this at work*:
Not pictured: jeans
I had to make this image size large instead of extra-large because I just couldn't handle that hot mess in a larger size. Too much.

5. We got a property tax bill in the mail. Our bank built in our property taxes with our monthly mortgage payment. I don't understand anything about this bill. I'm not adult enough to have to figure these things out.

6. We finally took the window AC unit out of our dining room (cougheventhoughiwantedtoinoctoberbutjonsaidthatwasntnecessarycough) because our heat could not rise above 65 degrees and the house got as cold as 62 degrees. The night before we were able to, though, I had to MacGyver a solution:

We magically saw the thermostat rise up to 68. Who would've thought!? (me)

7. We bought $50 in Girl Scout cookies. Haters gonna hate.

8. I am super excited about the Valentine's Day gift I'm going to make Elden's teachers. I can't wait to do a post about it (hint: chocolate AND Oreo's are involved.)

9. Elden no longer takes his evening nap with me on the couch. He fights sleep too much when we cuddle (I suppose I'm just super fun) so we have to put him in his crib. This breaks my heart!

10. Jon and I have decided that when one of our cars dies we will be purchasing a minivan. Hopefully that is several years into the future but the wagons just don't cut it the way a van would. And you know what? I have no shame in that! I LIKE minivans. 

*May I also point out the fact that this is both good and bad. Good because most days I spend less than 10 minutes getting ready, but bad because most days I spend less than 10 minutes getting ready. I wish I had more motivation to look like a grown-up.

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  1. Rub coconut oil all through your hair and let it sit for an hour (you don't need a ton, but enough to work through). Wash it out really well. Do this fairly often and I think it will help.