Thursday, January 17, 2013

thursday photo dump

I'm in a period of discontent when it comes to this little space. I'm sure my angst can be traced back to something like seasonal affective disorder and that it will pass over the next few days. I want what I write here to mean something to me and not just be a mundane recap of our daily routines. While I don't mind those occasional posts, I don't want to look back at our memories in an x, y, z fashion. I might try to branch out and write some more challenging posts in the coming weeks, or I might laze it up and take a nap instead. In the meantime, here's a pretty dull one for ya.


If you follow me on instagram or watch the feed on my sidebar, you may have noticed I haven't added any pictures in a while. This is because I have abandoned my android phone for a Windows 7 phone. The android I had was an early model and the OS version was super buggy--it prevented me from texting or making calls more times than I care to think about. I used some Christmas money to buy my new-to-me phone from ebay and there is no instagram app for Windows, hence the radio silence. I guess I'll have to revert to photo dumps :)

 For the first time ever, little mister rolled over in his crib tonight:
We also finally got poop and a LOT of it, all without clinician intervention. That's our boy!
We did a family grocery run to Aldi yesterday. Someone has been particularly flirtatious at our last 2 Aldi trips and has elicited too many smiles to count by passers by.  
There's an arctic blast coming next week--we're ready.

I hope to make some progress on the attic this weekend but there's no one to watch Stinker so that's pretty hit or miss since his naps are so irregular. There's also a ton of cleaning that I need to get caught up on from being out of commission last weekend. I guess the excitement in my life is greatly derived from the surprises within each day...

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