Saturday, January 19, 2013


As I write, there is a little hand resting on my arm--melt my heart whydontya!? Elden now sleeps on his belly (we put him in his crib on his back and he rolls over in less than 5 minutes) and can sit up on his own for brief stints. His favorite thing to suck on is his left foot, specifically his toes. He is very engaged in his environment and is constantly reaching to touch and grab things (and ultimately bring them to his mouth). The bad thing about this is he's very into pulling mommy's hair and also pinching our skin as he holds onto us. Elden's eyes are still baby blue so we're starting to wonder if they're going to change. Riding in the car is a breeze and he doesn't mind it one bit. We just bought him a walker to double as an activity station and Elden LOVES it. So glad that he continues to be a healthy and (now!) happy little guy.