Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Well, it took 4 days but I caught Jon's flu. I was out of commission from Monday to Tuesday night.  I can't remember the last time I felt that terrible.

This morning at 4 am, a certain little guy awoke. I figured he was 1) hungry (because I was dehydrated from vomfest 2k13 so he probably didn't get much milk from me right before bed, 2) sick with the flu or potentially an ear infection, 3) teething, or 4) all of the above.

I went in and nursed him (around the same time Marsala decided to jump on the flu-train and yakked on our carpet) and laid him back down but he was still very angry which ultimately segued into tossing and turning and whimpering. Oh, my heart. Those whimpers. I finally decided to go in and just hold him because this is very out of character for him so I figured something must be amiss.

For the next hour and fifteen minutes or so, I held, bounced, rocked, and swayed my little guy. He would move between cuddly (head on my shoulder, me melting) to fussy to playful (grabbing wildly at the rocking chair cushion with both hands). Finally around 5:30 he let me lay him down next to me in our bed and drifted off to sleep. His internal alarm clock rang at 6 on the nose, he nursed, we changed him, etc. We took his temp, no fever, so we're pretty certain it's not an ear infection. He's still cutting several top teeth so we gave him some acetaminophen and he dozed off for a good hour. I'm not ruling the flu out just yet as neither Jon nor I had fevers during ours.

All I know is there's no greater feeling than knowing your mere presence is enough to calm your otherwise unhappy little human. I hope I always remember the way his little shoulders relaxed a few minutes after I began holding him and the way he placed his left hand on my right cheek when he finally let me lay him down. I've never felt so wanted or needed in my entire life and it was very humbling.

*This is my 500th post on YNP. I can't believe I've written so many mundane things about my life in one space, but I am so glad I have it all documented so that one day I can reread some of them and wonder what the heck I was thinking relive so many important memories so vividly.

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