Tuesday, February 26, 2013

down with the sickness

Per the status quo, all 3 of us are yet again down for the count. I had been hoping that we were out of the woods with the turn of the weather around the corner but alas, team flip has never been very lucky with regard to our health.

In other news, I've been temporarily moved at work (again) to the front of the office where there are predominantly cubes. I'm focused on 1 project only the rest of the quarter so it was decided that it made more sense for me to be out by the development team so we don't have to walk back and forth all day. My new view includes a window looking out towards a section of the parking lot where geese congregate. Yesterday one goose walked right up to the window and was looking in like a little creep. Before I could snap a picture, my coworker scared it away. Easily the highlight of my day. Easily amused.
New view with window where said goose was creepin
We got our tax refund yesterday. We've already spent about 30% of it on replacing 3 windows upstairs (2 in Elden's room, 1 in ours) that have fogged up. One of Elden's windows actually has about 2 inches of standing water in it. We are putting half of the refund in savings as an 'emergency fund' (we literally have no savings at the moment--used all of it up to put 20% down on our house) and the remaining is going out the door to that preventative termite treatment that we still haven't done, a shed (right now all of our lawn and garden tools are chilling in our sun porch) and, if we have any money left, a whole house fan. We're also contemplating taking out a super small home equity loan to replace our front door and work on the downstairs half bath that I still perpetually avoid because it terrifies me. Have to talk to the bank to get more information on that, though. In Elden news, we can add zucchini to the list of beloved foods. The more we talked about his favorites (avocado, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, cucumber and zucchini) the more I think he might just love the color green. That being said, he recently tried yogurt on toast and that was a HUGE hit:

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