Tuesday, February 5, 2013

more teeth

Elden has been grouchier than normal the past 5 days and nights have been rougher than usual with him crying when we put him down for the night and waking up about once every hour/crying after. Following the second night of this, we went in around 11 and gave him a smaller dose of baby acetaminophen, wondering if teething might be the cause. The next night we avoided it because we didn't see or feel any new teeth poking through and obviously didn't want to medicate him for no reason. By 11 pm he slept the rest of the night without much fuss so we weren't sure what was causing it. The fourth night we ended up going in to give him a dose of the acetaminophen after consistent wake-ups. It did the trick, just like the second night. We figured teething must be the cause because he got his first two teeth right around 4 months (normal age is 6-8 months) and the top central incisors normally come in around 8-10 months, so we were right on track if he stayed 2 months ahead with the teeth.

The ultimate confirmation for us came yesterday when daycare suggested he might be teething. We figured they're basically baby experts so before bed last night we gave him the dose of painkiller. He slept, well, like a baby the rest of the night. Also, where the heck did that saying originate? It's been my experience that most babies don't sleep. Deception!

This morning when we changed his diaper Jon noticed his front left upper central incisor just beneath his gums. Not certain if the right one is a bit further behind that one but gosh we hope so because having his first 2 teeth pop through at the same time certainly made teething less miserable! Teething also explains why he was such a little rabbit last night and ferociously munching down on his roasted carrot:
Also, we are in dire need of a no-spill sippy cup. We have a few of the toddler-age variety so in the meantime we have to give him bottles (prune juice in this case). Any recommendations for good no-spill sippies?
Today we're sending some cucumber sticks to daycare with him to help alleviate some of the teething pain (the cold helps and so does the soothing-type property of cucs). Just like with his bottom teeth, we only want to give (one dose of) acetaminophen at night and none during the day because he seems to manage okay during the day. Also, his daycare told us we could send cereal in for him so I think we need to let them know he's on the baby-led weaning train. I'm hoping they're not terrified of the prospect. We gave him a cucumber stick last night to make sure he could manage it okay (seen in the above picture, half devoured) and he did fine so I feel better about letting his school give him some.


  1. We've been happy with this one: http://www.amazon.com/Nuby-2-Pack-Spill-Super-Spout/dp/B0037LLGD4/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1360071676&sr=8-4&keywords=no+spill+sippy The soft nipple was easier for Leo at first, too. The hard spout sippies were really confusing for him in the beginning.

    Leo got all his teeth in a very short amount of time (8 in 4 months) but it ended up being easier - getting them all over with. Root for the multiple teeth! :)

  2. Poor guy! Teething is no fun! The playtex hard spout cups with the handles don't spill. We got ours at Target, but they sell them everywhere! Good luck!

  3. sleeping like a baby... I KNOW RIGHT? I was thinking the same thing the past few months. who thought of that saying? My child sleeps but wakes at the drop of a pin. Sheesh!