Wednesday, February 13, 2013

pina coladas

We saw the specialist about Elden's head shape yesterday and have great news: he doesn't need a helmet! The lopsidedness is only about 3mm different from one side to the other and she said they don't start helmeting until the difference is about 1.5cm. So that's a big blessing, especially for our pocketbooks!

Since the appointment was at 2 down in Akron (I work in Cleveland), I didn't head back into work. This is another one of the perks of working for my company: flex time. The bigger blessing is the fact that with all of those nights and weekends I've been putting in I've already more than made up those few hours I missed so I didn't have that looming over my head. Speaking of work, I've gotten a bit neurotic. I'm currently the main test engineer for all of our product lines, so when I have deadlines upon deadlines I cannot afford for a test to get jacked up. Case in point:
That would be 4 sensors, 1 thermocouple, 4 computers, and 6 "TEST IN PROGRESS" signs. Hey, neurosis! 
Following the appointment, I ran and got gas and, upon realizing someone fell asleep in the back, continued on to get an oil change that was needed about 3000 miles ago. I was so happy to finally knock that off my list and still have some extra time with Elden once he woke up and we got home. At one point I ran into the kitchen for something and when I came back out this is how I found him:
I started cracking up and he got a huge grin on his face, as if he knew what he had done was silly. Once Jon got home from school, he busted out the uber romanticism and changed the lightbulb above our garage door that has been burned out since we moved in last May, along with the one in the garage door motor so that we actually have lights turn on automatically as we open/close it, and changed our windshield wiper blades that he bought a few weeks back. Is it weird that things like that make me feel so loved??

Stream of consciousness change: the other night after we put little down, Jon and I got to work on some virgin pina coladas I've been craving. And before you ask, I'm not pregnant. I just happen to like virgin blended beverages because they're much sweeter and smoothie-esque. We have a little bit of a sweet tooth problem at casa de flip. We keep saying we need to eat better but totally drop the ball on actually doing so. Once I stop breastfeeding we're going to go back on Weight Watchers because it helped us to really eat healthy and control our portions, not because we want to lose weight. But for now, I will drink as many pina coladas as I can possibly muster.
cream of coconut+pineapple juice+dash of cream+ice
We aren't having any big 'to do' for Valentine's this year, as is our tradition due to finances. Instead, we're going to put off dinner until after we put Elden to bed and cook bacon-wrapped filets, green beans, and potatoes. Or we'll probably end up cooking at our normal dinner time (5) and fall asleep on the couch to whatever's on after Big Bang Theory. I'm telling you. We're 24/25 going on 72.

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