Thursday, February 7, 2013


The more hair that breaks and falls out and the more Elden grabs ferociously at my not-so-luscious locks, the urge to just chop my hair off grows stronger.

I blame Kim for planting the idea in my head. ;)

Another fueling factor is the fact that I haven't gotten my hurrs did since right after Elden was born. *Insert this sound here*

I scoured the interwebs (for all of 5 minutes) and found the following extremely similar styles that I seem to be gravitating towards:
{Image Source}
{Image Source}
{Image Source}
{Image Source}
Things to consider: 
  • With my face shape I know I couldn't pull off a pixie-type cut. 
  • I have very fine hair, but a whole lot of it
  • I think bangs are SUPER cute... except I usually hate having any hair in my face so I pin them back when I do have them
  • Because my hair is fine/there's a ton of it, it lacks volume greatly
I think my favorite styles are 2 and 3 above. I'm going to see if I can get an appointment this Saturday before Jon goes into work. Which hair cut do you recommend (even if it's not pictured above)?


  1. I thought my hair was breaking off too! But my hair stylist told me that its actually my hair growing back after falling out from the pregnancy. Crazy! I have short little stubby hair growing around my forehead, the sides by my face and on top. Regardless, those styles are cute! Go for it!

  2. I like Emma Watsons cut. Just remember that shorter hair can actually equal more work. I am in the process of growing mine out because I need to be able to just throw it in a ponytail and not straighten it sometimes. I think Emma's cut would be good for your fine hair and it looks like it could still be long enough to pull back if you wanted.