Friday, February 15, 2013


As you can tell by the red/watery/swollen eyes, Elden is fighting yet another cold. Meanwhile, Jon is fighting a nasty flu strain that kept him both of us up pretty much all night. We're praying Elden doesn't catch it and are ensuring Jon stays as far away from him as possible but with how fast it came on we know Elden was exposed to it. Baby-led weaning is still going very well. His favorites seem to be sweet potato, avocado, and green beans. More importantly, every time we put his tray down in front of him he gets so excited and immediately starts grabbing at whatever he can so he is clearly into the whole 'trying new foods' thing. He's getting a little better about sitting up on his own but isn't in any hurry to master it. He can Houdini out of just about any pair of shoes I put on him (exhibit A, left foot). He's still attempting to cut 2-4 top teeth which has not been very fun, but he is otherwise a happy munchkin.

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  1. Hey! Im so sorry im just now responding. The pie shop was called Simply Delicious Pies. Its in Shaker Heights off of Chagrin and Lee. Super yummy! ;) Where in Cleveland are you located?