Monday, February 11, 2013


We love Elden's daycare. The teachers from the older classes often go visit the babies/our boy on their breaks so I wanted to make all the teachers something for Valentine's Day. A few weeks back my mom and sister made strawberry shortcake cupcakes that were heavenly! This was not a hard decision. I also wanted to make something extra special for his actual teachers. I found these adorable metal buckets in the Dollar Spot at Target, along with Valentine's-themed cellophane baggies. I opted for chocolate covered Oreos with a little Sweethearts accent.

I headed over to my mom's yesterday and we all set to work. I was so happy with the final products:
My mom and sister pretty much handled this while I tended to a cranky, teething boy. Thanks you two!
To make the Oreos, I used a double boiler and mixed chocolate chips with melting chocolate. I used one fork to move the Oreos around and then a second to slide it off the fork onto wax paper. I then topped with a sweetheart and some sprinkles.
I then set each sheet outside to harden up. Once cooled, I put them in the cellophane baggies into the metal tins. Finally, I topped off each gift with a "thumb-body loves you" card. Thanks, Pinterest!
Jon's taking the cupcakes tomorrow and the tins on Wednesday. I hope his teachers know how much our guy loves them and how grateful we are for them!

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  1. Seriously?!?!?! I am SO IMPRESSED! Those gifts are adorable. I also kinda want to just reach through the screen and eat those cupcakes and cookies.