Tuesday, March 12, 2013

cardigan onesies

A while back I saw some cardigan onesies on Etsy and the hipster in me began jumping up and down manically.

Then I saw the prices ($35+) from the various Etsy vendors and the hipster in me began to weep. We get most of Elden's clothes from thrift stores (why pay $15 for a shirt when you can buy a whole adorable hardly used wardrobe from thrift for that!?) and budget restrictions do not permit lavish baby spending.

Then I found a tutorial about how to make them yourself.

Hipster = vindicated.

Then I called my mom because she is a sewing queen and I am completely inept at these sort of things and she agreed to have a hand at it.

The results? Hipster baby heaven.
The hardest part for me was finding the long sleeved onesies. I think it's because we're at the changing of seasons retail-wise so most of these bad boys had been stocked away for next fall/winter. I'm tossing around the idea of trying to learn how to make these myself so that I can perhaps open my own Etsy shop but sell them more cheaply than what I found. I have to talk to my mom to see if this project is something that I would likely be able to do or if it would invoke a rage in me. Seriously. This biznass about arts and crafts being a free medium open to interpretation? Tell that to my OCD perfectionist self. Fun story: when my sister bought her condo she wanted my mom, grandma, and me to each paint a picture of a leaf (she did a fourth) for it. Mine was such a disaster that I literally cried and stormed away. My mom had to fix it because I left it in a dismal state and refused to try to mediate it. There's a reason I'm an engineer and not in a creative profession. (plus I have no artistic ability whatsoever)

Tutorial can be found here.

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