Wednesday, March 27, 2013

cell mirror

We have a baby mirror in Jon's car so we can see when Elden falls asleep during errands. We don't have one in my car, though, because Elden is rarely in the car with me. If he is, we're both in Jon's car. As such, we will often snap a picture to see if he's asleep when riding in my car. Usually the dead giveaway is the appearance of little hands seeking out our phones. But we will often get images like these:
Today we were running errands (with my car) and Elden was very quiet in the back. Given that he hadn't napped at all today (hold me) we assumed this meant he was asleep. Jon reached back to get a picture--no little hands appeared--so imagine our surprise when this is what was waiting for us on Jon's phone:

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  1. Hahaha! This post totally made me giggle! We do the same thing in our car. Snap a pic to check if Noah's napping. Oh us clever parents. Too bad he one upped you this time! Lol!