Monday, March 4, 2013

date fail

Jon only worked until 7 on Saturday (a rarity!) so we opted to cash in a gift certificate from August 2nd--clearly we get out often--at our favorite Thai restaurant. Uncle Marc and Aunt Kelly graciously offered to stay with stinker for us. It actually worked out quite nicely because I was able to put Elden before Jon got home so there was no feeling guilty about not being with him since he was asleep. We indulged on appetizers of chicken potstickers and vegetable tempura, followed by chicken pad thai (me) and orange duck (Jon). The show-stopper was the sticky rice with coconut ice cream for dessert. I'm salivating like Pavlov's dogs at the ring of a bell just thinking about it.

Out came our bill--entirely covered by the gift certificate with a little leftover--and the realization that we forgot cash for the tip.

Fail, fail, fail.

If we had left just the remainder of the gift certificate that would have been less than a 10% tip so we obviously weren't doing that. We then awkwardly asked if there was any way if we could put the tip on a credit card--and if not, we had no issue running to an ATM--and proceeded to turn a lovely shade of red as our server spoke with the manager about the legalities of it.

We were able to put it on the credit card.

We bolted out of there and never looked back.

We had leftover Thai for dinner last night and pretended like nothing had gone awry the day before.

If that isn't a sign that we don't get out enough I don't know what is. I keep telling myself our opposite schedules/lack of funds are merely a season in our lives and that this too shall pass. We just reworked our budget and included a very modest miscellaneous amount in it with the intention of buying others' birthday gifts, paying for food if we entertain others at our house (such as for Elden's first birthday), and any random clothes/non-essential purchases we want to make. We agreed that if we had any of this category leftover at the end of each month we could use that for a date--be it a nicer sit-down restaurant (which is probably not obtainable even if we didn't use any of that expense each month) or Taco Bell if we just have some scrapings leftover--or carry it over to save up for a nicer date one month. I'm excited about this budget and the fact that in theory it will allow us to continue to rebuild our savings and reinstate our giving at church. Cheers to sticky rice and fiscal responsibility!

And because I can't resist:


  1. Oh my gosh, that picture!!!

    And seriously, there is something so comforting and empowering and awesome about budgeting, right? Can you tell I'm OCD ;)

    1. Yes! Although we're already out of the misc budget for March! ;)