Monday, March 11, 2013


Yesterday morning (and even early afternoon), I had every intention of blogging about what a beautiful, laid-back day it had been. My parents came over in the morning so I could rest and get a few things around the house done. Temps were in the high 60's. I attempted a nap with the bedroom windows open.
Someone was particularly enthused about the open windows
Jon headed off to work, my parents ultimately left for home, and Elden and I departed for a nap in the big bed. About 15 minutes later, all hell broke loose. 

Puke. Tons and tons of baby puke, all over our bed. I rushed into the bathroom and began to draw a bath. Meanwhile, I started calling the after hours nurse's line. We had taken Elden into the pediatrician the day before for lots, and I mean LOTS, of runny poop since Thursday. He also still had a cough/runny nose so we weren't sure the antibiotic was doing anything other than making him miserable. They kept asking if there had been vomiting and said he should be fine as long as there wasn't puke. Hence my call to the nurse's line. Anyway, while on the phone with the nurse and after I had pulled him from the tub, he puked again. I got him cleaned off and dressed and he puked again. This continued while I was going over details with the nurse. He had puked in our bedroom, his room, the living room and dining room, all over me three times, all over himself probably six times, etc. By this time he was a ridiculous color--greenish, yellowish grey--and not acting himself at all. The nurse attempted to call the ped's office to see if they could get him in that day and while I was on hold he began vomiting bile. When she came back on to notify me that they had no openings, she said I needed to take him in to be seen by someone right away.

Ensue hysteria. 

I rushed around the house closing windows, grabbing changes of clothes for both of us, trying to get ahold of Jon, and sobbing. I didn't even put socks on. If you know me well enough you know there's nothing I hate more than sneakers without socks. Jon even noticed that I was sockless once we got taken back. I digress. On the drive over (which is only about 7 minutes but felt like a lifetime) I tried calling Jon, my parents, and ultimately his parents to see if someone could look up his work's number to get through to him. I almost missed Jon's parents but his dad picked up right after the machine. Thank goodness, too, because I was all but freaked the heck out at that point. I rationally told him the situation yell-sobbed into the phone and he was able to get in touch with Jon, who called me about a minute later. He was able to leave work to meet us. About two minutes from the ER I couldn't hear Elden breathing (his runny nose made for very loud snore-like breathing) so I reached my hand back to see if I could feel his breath. I couldn't. I tried shaking his belly, yelling his name, etc. and he didn't seem to move or react in any way. His skin was cold and clammy. I honestly thought he was dead. I know I overreact and feel things very deeply by nature, but you guys, I have never pleaded so desperately to God in my life. I kicked up the speed figuring that if he had indeed stopped breathing, by the time I called for an ambulance I would have already been at the ER. Luckily (?) he vomited maybe a minute later so I knew he was alive.

He puked in the waiting room. The nurses confirmed I wasn't crazy and that he was indeed freakishly pale. They weren't going to do a blood oxygen count, but when they went to send us back to the waiting room he was a ghastly color so they opted to take one just in case. We were seen by the doctor not even twenty minutes later. At this point, Elden was totally wiped and slept on my chest for most of the visit.
Finally regaining some color
The ER physician said a nasty vomiting/diarrhea bug had been going around and since it had just started he didn't want to jump the gun on anything like IVs. He gave us some pedialyte and a syringe to see if we could get him to keep it down. Slowly but surely, we were able to get it into his belly where it remained. After the first two syringes he stirred briefly, regained his color, and began to babble/act perfectly normal again. This brought me a gargantuan amount of relief. After a few more ounces of pedialyte, we were sent home with instructions on how to handle what would be 'inevitable' more puking and the signs to look out for that would warrant another ER trip. We rolled into our house around 6:40 pm and I began laundry. Elden woke up briefly for a bath, some pedialyte and a little bit of milk before mostly sleeping through the night. 

Today he is with my sister, who came to my work to get him from me this morning.
Days like yesterday make me so grateful for our access to things like emergency rooms. I'm sure we jumped the gun a little bit on taking him, but to even have that option is the biggest blessing ever. I've never seen a baby that color before and I really hope I never see it again. I think the day shaved about three years off of my life, but Elden is doing much better and I will be forever grateful because of it. Let's hope this is our last ER visit of the year!


  1. Oh my gosh! How terrifying! I'm so glad he's okay now. And it sounds to me like you made the right decision taking him!

  2. Oh, how scary! I'm SO glad to hear that he is ok. I don't blame you one bit for taking him to the ER...I would've done the same thing...and probably been completely freaking out in the process.

  3. The poor grateful for the medical professionals who care and know what to do to help these little ones.