Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Last night we found out (totally the hard way) that Elden gets FPIES (food protein-induced enterocolitis syndrome) from rice. FPIES is essentially a type of allergic reaction that occurs 2-8 hours after the problematic food is consumed. It manifests as delayed onset vomiting and/or severe diarrhea.

Yes, that's right. My Puerto Rican baby is allergic to rice.

How did we come to this conclusion?

Last night, we did our usual bedtime routine--bath at 7, nurse at 7:30, bed by 8. Elden fell asleep just fine and everything was normal. At 9 he woke up and was crying so we went in and checked on him.

Puke. Everywhere. In his hair, over his entire face, the crib, the floor. When I scooped him up he continued to vomit all over the blanket, the carpet, me, the changing table, etc. Jon grabbed towels, we undressed Elden and wiped him down with baby wipes, and just generally tried to comfort our still-heaving baby boy. I was ready to rush him off to the ER again, but Jon was present this time and kept my feet grounded. I did receive some vindication for the last trip, though, because Jon (the don't-go-to-a-doctor-unless-on-deathbed type) even said he completely understood why I rushed him off to the ER the first time this happened. I had no idea why Elden was vomiting so severely again but Jon quickly made the connection that Elden had rice a few hours before each of these episodes (and we hadn't given him rice for a long time prior). We consulted Dr. Google and for the first time in since the history of ever we received the exact description of what we were experiencing and not something much more intense like cancer (which is the typical Google diagnosis when I'm at the helm).

So approximately 3 hours after eating rice, 1 hour of puking, 2 changes of clothes (me) and all of our clean towels in the house later, we knew what we were dealing with. Elden was asleep (finally) but still very smelly. He slept through the night, I nursed him at 6 am, and he was acting perfectly normal. We let him sleep in and then gave him a bath and he was his happy self. I've made an appointment with his pediatrician at the beginning of April (he's on vacation next week) to touch base and figure out how other food allergic reactions may manifest and if/when to call an ambulance. I'm most concerned about him having other allergies and a reaction like anaphylaxis but not knowing the warning signs. I'm grateful to know what to avoid for the time being and for the health of my child, as well as the support of my level-headed partner to prevent me from rushing off to the ER at any sign of distress.


  1. How scary! But so good to have some answers, too. You guys are awesome parents.

  2. Poor baby. Our family has tons of allergies. My mom has an almond allery. I am peanuts,but avoid all nuts. We all have seasonal and enviromental allergies as well. Grandma Lugo is lactose intolerant and has diverticulitis. I carry an epipen. You are going to have to tell the doctor the family history and read all food labels. There are alot of different things that include some form of rice. Good Luck

  3. Hi Danielle!
    I have a google alert set up for FPIES which directed me to your blog. My 10 month old is FPIES to rice with vomiting. We suspect banana as well. We are trialing all foods going forward, but we have a few safes that I am happy with.

    I just wanted to say good luck and I look forward to reading your blog! Feel better Elden!

    1. Hi Betsy! I'm sorry about your 10MO! We have yet to discover other trigger foods and he's had some of the common ones without incident (so far). Definitely going to be cautious moving forward though!

  4. Don't forget you have a close friend with a toddler that has food allergies causing an anaphylaxis reaction :) It sucks but having people to talk to about it helps.