Saturday, March 30, 2013

shopping cart

Yesterday we had a few firsts with Elden. 
-1st time wearing his shades out to a store
-1st time riding in a shopping cart
-1st time peeing through his clothes in public
-1st time getting both his clothes AND diaper changed in a parking lot
-1st time being nursed in the driver's side of my car (in a Kohl's parking lot)

As an aside: where are all the pants! We are in dire need of 12M pants as he suddenly no longer fits in the 9M pants he was wearing. We have looked high and low and can only find shorts. Don't get me started on how there are little girl pants everywhere we look. I'm going to start suing baby clothing places for gender discrimination. This is Ohio. I cannot put my boy in shorts full-time until June and even then we will inevitably have stupidly cold days that require pants.

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