Tuesday, March 5, 2013


We are rapidly moving away from babyhood and into toddlerdom. I still get those weekly emails that say what your such-and-such week old is up to these days. I think the past 4-6 emails have all emphasized something along the lines of "now is the time to start babyproofing!"

While Elden is apparently in no real hurry to start crawling--heck, we need to master sitting up on our own first--we realized we needed a solution to the big ole archways downstairs.
Sitting at the pediatrician's office
Most gates we found were 58"--our archways are 60". We found a fabric gate on Walmart's website for $45 and decided to give it a try. Jon installed it today so that we could decide if it would work and we should buy a second for the dining room entry. We love it:
Next up we need to figure out what to do with the ancient outlets on our house. They look like this and I don't know of any outlet covers that plug into that slanty prong:
It took approximately 5 engineers at my company to figure out WTF that thing is: a duplex radio/antenna outlet. If anyone knows how to convert this bad boy to something functional, get at me...

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