Friday, April 5, 2013

baby boy and recipes

Today Elden is 35 weeks. I should be posting a normal weekly photo of him, but his ear infection has... complicated things. Hoping to get a picture later today after the antibiotics have had a second dose to work towards relieving some of his discomfort. In the meantime, here's my little 35-week old eating toast and Greek yogurt for breakfast this morning:
Because of said complications, Jon and I didn't get to eat dinner until after Elden went to bed last night (so around 8 pm by the time it was cooked). This is probably normal for most people but we usually eat around 5:30. We were both starving and I was craving something I've probably completely incorrectly dubbed 'blackened chicken con fresca tacos.' Essentially, I take a chicken breast, season it with red pepper flakes, chili powder, black pepper, salt, some random Amish country dry queso dip mix we have, and garlic powder and fry it on our cast iron skillet in olive oil until it is cooked and crispy on the outside. We then added corn, salsa, avocado, lemon juice, lettuce, and cheese and devoured them. SO. GOOD. We topped the meal off with some homemade coconut ice cream:
I'm hoping to whip up some coconut sticky rice this weekend to have with the ice cream. We made this recipe a few weeks ago and it was top notch! It's actually what we gave Elden to make us realize that he had FPIES... oops! 

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  1. that sticky rice sounds yummy!! I am all over anything coconut so these two recipes make me very happy :) thanks!