Monday, April 1, 2013


I failed to blog much this weekend because we celebrated Easter with my family on Saturday and Jon's family on Sunday. We very recently decided not to do the Easter bunny/baskets in our house. Truthfully, I grew up with baskets and loved the tradition. Jon feels very strongly, however, that baskets could take away from what he (rightly) qualifies the most significant Christian holiday so out of respect for his convictions I gave into his request. On top of the craziness of running around, we have been dealing with some serious nighttime separation anxiety and stranger anxiety with Elden. This will be a separate post in the coming days, but suffice to say we're pretty exhausted.


Work has been insane all quarter as we prepare to release a new product on a what had been a very strict deadline. We have been giving 115% and when we received word last week that our deadline had been moved back a few weeks I knew I needed to take a day off to recharge (and get caught up on stuff around the house that's been greatly delayed). Jon had off school today since he attends a Christian university and they take a brief break over Easter, so we took Elden to daycare, ran some errands, then I painted the rest of the main space of the attic (the area over the stairs still needs done), got Elden, took a walk, and soaked up some seriously quality time with our boy.
Now that the main space of the attic is done I can start organizing and getting it ready for the crawling days. I want to spray paint most of the furniture that's up there right now, hang curtains, do something with the recessed lighting (they're an awful gold color), and create a custom baby-gate to ward off half of the space.

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