Wednesday, April 10, 2013


One particular struggle I've been dealing with lately is coveting my neighbor's possessions. It is so easy for me to envy things like houses that aren't fixer-uppers, beautiful vacations, better paying jobs, and the ability to be a stay at home parent. If I'm not incredibly intentional about focusing on the ridiculous number of blessings in our lives, it can put me in quite the funk.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Suzannah's. She is one of the magnificent writers I alluded to here. One of the things she does that I absolutely adore (and so look forward to reading!) is her ongoing record of God's goodness in her life. I'm going to take a note from her and start my own ongoing record in an effort to help keep myself humble and grateful.

an ongoing record of God's goodness (1-14)

Overall good heath within our little family unit
A house that, despite its imperfections, is safe, reliable and ours
Reliable income that sustains us through each season
The return of sunshine and birds chirping
Baby hugs, cuddles, and all related forms of affection
Friends (of all ages!)
Somewhat affordable, reliable childcare that we feel safe sending our son to
Crockpots and access/ability to purchase healthy food to nurture our bodies
Late night talks with a husband who doubles as a best friend
Two mostly reliable cars that get us where we need to be
Bouncing babies
Work-turned-family vacation trips to Chicago
Nurses lines so that when I accidentally break my baby on a windy Sunday afternoon I have somewhere to turn for counsel (it's nary a bruise now, just 3 days post-incident)
Stroller tipped over on its side in the wind. I was more upset than Boog.
Just writing those few thoughts is enough to remind me how petty I am when the green monster stirs within. How ridiculous am I to feel anything but extremely blessed? Thank you for these reminders, Suzannah!


  1. Um. Yah. Raising my hand over here. So, so, so guilty of getting stuck in that nasty place of comparing myself/my life to others. I think we all do it, just to varying extents.

    I think it's good that we're aware of it and actively working on it. I'm constantly reminding myself to embrace the unique life and path that God has planned for me and me alone!

  2. Thank you for this post! I am so guilty of this as well. I have been trying to remind myself of everything I have to be thankful for, but it can still be so hard to not compare my life to others. I especially struggle with being a working mom and get so jealous of moms who can stay home. I try to remind myself that God knows what He is doing and can see the bigger picture. I hope to one day be able to stay home, but that just isn't the path God has me on right now. We all have so much to be thankful for, but it can still be hard not to fall in the trap of comparing our lives to others.

    Thanks for this reminder! -Jessica