Thursday, April 4, 2013

fpies update

Jon took Elden in to see his pediatrician this morning to discuss the FPIES experience we had with rice a few weeks back.

The good news is that his ped said there isn't much crossover between rice allergies and other food allergies, so we don't have to be extremely cautious when introducing new foods. The only time to worry is if Elden gets hives upon introduction of new food. Depending on the severity, it could elicit an ER trip. Let's just hope we never need to make that decision!

The other good (?) news is that we figured out why he hasn't been sleeping--our little guy has an ear infection! Last night was particularly rough with him waking at least 5-10 times between 8 and 1:30, and then wide awake/unhappy from 1:30-3. He had been tugging at his left ear lately, but just at night when he nurses so we didn't think much of it. Furthermore, he had been doing this previously and pediatrician trips resulted in no ear infection so we just assumed he had discovered his ear and was playing with it. He hadn't had a fever and had been otherwise his mostly happy self. Our trusty pediatrician recommended a probiotic to give Elden with this round of antibiotics in hopes that it would counteract the usually-pretty-intense stomach discomfort antibiotics seem to give him. We're going to hope and pray that the probiotics are indeed helpful (especially since they cost like 35 bucks!).

Today I am grateful for an attentive and caring pediatrician, as well as access to antibiotics to make him better. The timing on this visit was ideal since we will be traveling to Chicago in a few short weeks. I don't want to think of how long this ear infection might have been going on for, as well as how long we could have missed it for if it hadn't been for our appointment today. Praise God for providing even when we didn't realize we needed it!


  1. Aw I hope Elden feels better soon!

  2. Ear infections can be so tricky! Ady didn't even run a fever with hers, and she normally tugs at her ear when she eats. We would've never known she had one had it not been discovered at a well visit.