Thursday, April 11, 2013


We just found out we were awarded a[n incredibly modest] home equity line of credit that we sign on tomorrow. We've started daydreaming about how we should invest it in our home/lives. Some of our ideas include:

-Half bath remodel (new toilet, sink, tear out tile backsplash/replace it, paint, redo floors)
-Basement mold remediation / begin making the basement more... habitable?
-Whole house fan installation
-Programmable window AC for Elden's room
-Restoration/refinishing of our hardware floors (there are some sizable dings/gaps in it that I don't think we can fix appropriately on our own) or looking into buying new floors
-DIY stair runner (ours is awful)
-Update the sunroom - paint, light fixture, flooring
-Front door replacement
-Summer tuition for Jon (boo for no scholarships/financial aid during the summer sessions!)
-Saving about half of it for any unforeseen/emergency/pricey repairs that may arise on the house

Some other bigger projects I hope to tackle include staining our patio and possibly making a built-in bookshelf for the attic. I also have some more fun projects in mind like a DIY toy box for Elden, some window treatments, and some bathroom shelves. We're still wrapping up some deadlines for the quarter at work and Jon is approaching finals, so I don't think we'll get anywhere on any of these until probably mid-May or June. At the very least I hope to have the half bath done by August because we will be having people over for Elden's first birthday and it would be nice to have use of the only bathroom on our first floor...

Any tips on saving money in the above areas and/or recommendations for skilled laborers!?

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