Monday, April 22, 2013

the trip that almost wasn't

When it rains, it pours ya'll. Alternative titles to this post included Trip from Hell, Never Again and What the Heck Were We Thinking?

The reason I've been MIA is because I was out of town all last week. I kept somewhat mum on it because I didn't want to raise the empty house flags. Not that we have anything worth stealing.

On Tuesday I was to catch a flight to Chicago with my mom and Elden for a work conference. Jon and I had made an appointment for Elden Tuesday morning because he still wasn't sleeping well and we had suspicion that his ear infection had not been fully eradicated by his 10-day course of cefdinir. His pediatrician came in and as soon as he started the eval I had an asthma attack and had to run to the car to get my inhaler. When I came back, it was to silence and furrowed brow.

"Well, Mom. We're trying to figure out what to do. His ear doesn't look good."

His pediatrician went on to tell us it looked as though he was never on antibiotics to begin with. Our options were:
-take what was essentially a stronger dose of cefdinir via syringe... but we would have to take him to a doctor in Chicago to be re-evaluated on Wednesday and Thursday to see if the previous dose had taken care of it (and if not, to re-administer)
-attempt something in the amoxicillin family and chance a possible allergic reaction
-attempt another course of oral cefdinir which "probably wouldn't do anything"

At that, we agreed to go with option 1. After receiving the shot, we had to wait 20 minutes to ensure he didn't have a reaction. Long story short, it couldn't be determined if he had a reaction or if his leg was just irritated from the injection, so we were told that we were "probably okay, but if the redness spreads or he becomes inconsolable... don't get on the plane. Go straight to the ER." No presh, amiright?

With the little bit of time left between the peds visit and needing to leave for the airport, I attempted to call pediatricians in Chicago. I seriously called 20 numbers. Every. single. one. said "we have no doctors in this week--they're at a convention." What? Kids in Chicago just don't get sick the week of April 16th? After contacting a few urgent cares (neither had it) I surrendered and we headed to the airport.

The good news: we were able to get on the plane!
The bad news: by the time we got to the hotel (what an ordeal that was--getting on a bus during Chicago rush with like 194 suitcases/pack n plays/etc. was totally not happening) Elden was overstimulated and overtired. This loosely translated to a SCREAMING mad baby late into the night. On Wednesday I was finally able to find an urgent care that had it. This particular urgent care told me to take him to a different (further from the hotel) location because they see more patients under 2. With the blessing of a wonderful friend (thank you again, Grace!), she drove us to the urgent care... in rainy Chicago rush hour. ANGEL. We got there to be told we were misinformed and they would not be administering the medication to him. After calling his pediatrician they agreed to prescribe another oral antibiotic until we get home. On our way back (Grace had to run to a meeting so we took transit) we missed the bus we needed by less than 10 seconds. We proceeded to wait about 30 minutes to discover that it was likely the last bus of the day (am and pm rush only). Defeated, we taxi'd back to the hotel. Luckily, Elden seemed to have gotten more comfortable with the new environment and slept much better on Wednesday night so I was able to not feel like my world was caving in around me on Thursday. Other highlights of the trip included: Jon almost missing his flight by seriously less than a minute, pulling some muscles from my asthma attacks that caused me great pain all weekend, our burglar alarm going off most of Sunday thanks to our cat, and sleeping on the floor of a B&B because Elden refused to sleep in his pack n play and I wanted to be next to Jon for the first time in about a week.

I guess I never realized just how different things are once baby enters the picture. Is that stupid?

and with that... a much needed ongoing record of God's goodness (15-26)

A baby boy who finally decided sleeping in a hotel room was okay (but not in his pack n play)
Old friends who happen to be pregnant (therefore, have a carseat!) and are willing to drive us across Chicago, in rush hour, in the rain to reach an urgent care
Sierra Mist
Shoes that keep our feet dry in this crazy weather
Infant acetaminophen that helps an ear infected-baby be happy (then sleep!) on a flight
A car that waited to need repaired until we wouldn't need it all weekend and...
In-laws who let us borrow one of theirs in the meantime so we don't need to worry about rentals
Our own home, in our own beds--baby included!
More than 2 hours of consecutive sleep at night (thank you, Jesus)
Catching up with old friends over Chinese food
A husband who was willing to miss his first class of the day to take Elden back to the doctor about his ears


  1. Oy. That sounds TERRIBLE. Also, Dave and I are convinced that hotels are HELL with a baby. It hasn't gotten better as a toddler yet, but we're hopeful EVENTUALLY it will be okay. Til then, we avoid hotels with Leo as much as we can!

    Seriously sorry it was such a rough trip. Hope this week is amazing!

    1. Girl I learned my lesson! What is it with babies and hotels!?