Saturday, April 27, 2013


One of my favorite things Elden does is if we're sitting on the floor together and he's exploring on his belly he will occasionally look at me, smile, and roll back into me to momentarily nestle his head to my chest. His timidness seems to have waned a bit and he is once again his smiley around strangers self. I suspect he was so clingy because of his ear infection which has gotten better. Elden absolutely adores his jump-up (seriously, he LOVES it) and his baths still. His new favorite trick is standing up (with our support) in the tub. He'll look to us with his little gap-toothed grin so proud of his accomplishment. He is back to mostly sleeping 8pm-6am (thank you, Jesus!) and still nursing about 5 times per day, although he's definitely drinking much less--I'd say 4-6oz as opposed to his usual 6-8oz. As his first birthday quickly approaches Elden's becoming more a toddler and less my little baby. Each week I get excited for the next stage and somewhat mourn the last stage, but I can't say I miss the colicky infant who doesn't want to sleep stage one bit...

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  1. Yay for happy babies!! I really enjoyed seeing him (and you) today!