Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ear update (in gifs)

Elden has lost a bit of weight. Nothing alarming given he has been eating far less than usual with this illness. But still, we have some ground to make up!

He definitely has an upper respiratory virus of some sort. His pediatrician recommended an albuterol breathing treatment because his lungs were wheezy. "It probably won't have any effect, but we can give it a shot." In comes the nurse with this ridiculously adorable dinosaur breathing mask.

"Just so you know, he will probably scream and cry. Most babies hate this."

But of course they do.

When we first put the mask on him he was perplexed; curious. I was all, "Babe, take a picture of this!"

Just as soon as I could get out the word 'picture' this happened:

And then this:
Combined with this:

And the nurse was all, "we try to get them to complete 5 minutes of the treatment" and stepped out.

And Jon was all "how are we gonna know when it's been 5 minutes [since this is clearly a 2-man job and we don't have an appendage to spare to pull out a phone to check the time]?"

And I was all:
"Babe, I don't think they can possibly forget to come in here and tell us time is up with the racket he's making."

Fast forward through the longest 5 minutes of my 24 years (exaggeration) and the nurse comes in to stop the treatment. Elden's pediatrician was close behind. I told him that I hoped the treatment indeed had no effect because I couldn't imagine repeating this process at home. He listened to Elden's lungs and proceeded with:
To which I responded with:
I JEST. We decided to do an inhaler with a spacer+face mask in lieu of a nebulizer until we figure out if he just "needs some help getting through this virus" or is a bona fide asthmatic.

As for the ears, not infected, but still fluid-filled and red. They made the call that we see an ENT, so that appointment is the Tuesday after Memorial Day. We still have reservations about getting the tubes done but we obviously want what's best and will seriously evaluate what the specialist has to say. Thanks for the kind words and we hope to know more soon!


  1. The nebulizer was traumatic at first for Sonny too. I was not happy about restraining a writhing, squalling, infant whilst holding a mask to his face. Yes, it's certainly a two-man job. But we powered through and after a few days he was still screaming through it, but he was resigned to sitting there. Then after almost two weeks, he would occasionally fight it a little and then surrender. Our recent round with the neb was uneventful. I set up a chair so he could look out the window and it worked well.

    The nebulizer taught me that parenting is all about doing the stuff your child, and maybe you, hates to serve the greater good. Power through, little mama. Tomorrow is a new adventure.

  2. I am very sorry Elden isn't feeling the best, but I couldn't help but laugh as I read this post. Thanks for the reenactment. :)

  3. We sang Leo songs and read books to help pass the time. He seemed to handle it better after the first few times when he was a little more used to it. I hope it's the same for Elden. :(

  4. But within a day, she stopped scratching her ear and tilting her head. I used it daily for one week, cure tinnitus