Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ENT update

We had the ENT appointment yesterday morning and Elden behaved like an angel--seriously. Not one little fuss in the hour and fifteen minutes we were there! They examined his ears which miraculously were not presently infected, just fluid-filled. They also conducted 2 tests. The first one took a reading of how each eardrum vibrated to help scientifically validate that he has fluid in his ears, which we knew he did. The second was a hearing test where the audiologist spoke into 2 speakers on opposite sides of the room at different decibels to determine Elden's hearing range. This test was my favorite because there was a mechanical duck straight ahead of us that the audiologist would make move to return his attention to center. It was actually pretty loud when activated and every single time she would turn it on Elden would jump and his eyes would get very wide. It took a LOT of self control for Jon and I to abstain from laughing each and every time this happened.

Long story short, both of Elden's ears have fluid in them. His left ear has more fluid than the right. As a result, his hearing in his left ear is below normal. His right ear is normal. The doctor recommended tubes. We asked if it would hurt anything for us to wait it out with our new gluten-free attempt to see if that has any effect. He said he didn't think it was dire for us to get the surgery tomorrow, so we tentatively scheduled it for the last week of June. Jon and I agreed that if Elden gets another ear infection between now and then we will definitely go through with the surgery. If he lasts the next month without, we will push the surgery back again. If he makes it to his first birthday without another ear infection, we will go back in to have the tests repeated to see if his hearing has improved at all. If it has not, we will likely go through with the surgery. If it has, we will likely plan on putting tubes on hold indefinitely (or until we encounter a similar problem). We are at peace with this plan and ultimately want the best for Elden--we just aren't quite sure what "the best" is yet.

In related news, being gluten-free has gotten slightly less overwhelming. We've done some variations of corn pasta for Elden, as well as gluten and rice-free blueberry pancakes.
Fruit is always a win for him. We also recently found pre-made flax bread that he can have (every other loaf I found contained rice).
flax bread with smashed blackberries on top
Corn Chex are one of his new favorite snacks. He can eat any unprocessed meat, so we had steaks for dinner last night (he barely even chewed he was downing it so fast!), as well as corn (notice a trend?) and mashed potatoes.
corn beauty mark
Jon's biggest beef with our new diet was "we don't have any desserts!" so after some serious Googling and best wife ever-ing, I whipped up some pumpkin spice rice crispy treats. Obviously Elden cannot partake in that goodness, but I have plans in the work to make some sort of a rice/gluten-free cake for him. Today marks day 3 (4?) of no gluten and while I had yet to see an obvious difference in his temperament I think I may have noticed some last night/this morning. For a few weeks Elden has been very restless at night, often crying throughout the night, waking up very early, and not going back to sleep. Last night he didn't wake up once to fuss--I was worried something bad happened to him--and he woke up so happy and chirped away in his crib for about twenty minutes before the tears started. I nursed him, changed him, and laid him back down and he slept until 7:45! If this is what we get for being gluten-free, it is well worth the challenge. Time will tell if the two are related or if he's just coming out on the other side of something.

We also have an official sitter on our hands! Multiple times now he has gotten himself from the laying to sitting position. It started the other night in his crib:
...and he's been at it ever since. He's also still working on crawling and I suspect he may get there before his first birthday.

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