Saturday, May 18, 2013


At 41 weeks, Elden is definitely starting to understand certain words. If you say 'hi' or 'bye' he will start waving. He's gradually learning (or rather... accepting? I think he's known the meaning for a few weeks now but chose not to prove it) the word 'no.' Since his mobility is mostly limited to rolling the only time we usually need to tell him 'no' is when he is biting. The reason I think he finally understands it is because I was holding him, he bit my shoulder (typical), and I told him 'no.' He stopped, looked at me, and approached my shoulder with mouth agape. I took a deep breath and waited. He put his slobbery mouth all over my shoulder but didn't bite it. Victory! He also understands 'kiss' now. If I ask for a kiss or even just say the word, 8 times out of 10 he will lay a wet one on my cheek. If we say 'yayyyy!' he will start clapping. We've been starting Elden's bath/bedtime anywhere between 6:30 and 7:15 depending on whether he's had a nap recently, is sick or content. We introduced hamburger to him Thursday night and we think he enjoyed it quite a bit. He's very much like his dad because he is obsessed with these which are basically healthier baby cheese puffs. On the whole I am seriously crazy about this age. For a while all I wanted was to have another baby but now that we've really found our stride as a family of 3 I'm quite content to remain this way for some time.

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