Sunday, May 26, 2013


At 42 weeks, Elden is battling a double ear infection. One of my best friends suggested testing him for allergies because her boss' son kept getting ear infections and it turned out he had gluten and dairy allergies. When they cut those out of his diet, the ear infections stopped. Some preliminary research into ear infections as a result of gluten allergies has us willing to give a dietary change a shot. Today is our first day of a gluten-free diet. This is somewhat complicated by Elden's rice allergy since most gluten-free things have rice flour in them. This is certainly a challenge but we want surgery to be our last resort so we are giving it a shot. Elden is 21 pounds on the nose. He still adores his jumper but has progressed from merely jumping to: kicking any ball-shaped object by his feet (future soccer player?), picking his feet up and spinning in circles as the jumper unwinds itself, and swinging in his jumper (with our assistance). Some new foods this week included blackberries, raspberries, and turkey burgers--all of which were wins. He sat up on his own in his crib during his afternoon nap today and continues to somewhat attempt to crawl. As we approach the 10-month mark, first birthday party prep has begun and I am getting very excited about celebrating him!

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