Thursday, May 2, 2013


If you had asked me this time last year if I would enjoy doing yard work and gardening I would have given you shifty eyes and asked if you were cray. Truth is, when we moved in I told Jon he was in charge of all things outdoors--taking out the trash, shoveling, mowing, weeding, etc. I wanted nothing to do with it! Yard work?! Bleh! These pristine hands are too divine to be mucking around in dirt. Also, bees.

Then his schedule was crazy and the lawn was reaching beanstalk proportions and I had to mow. And I really kind of liked it.

Our entire focus for the first year of living here was getting the inside of our house in habitable (and more 'us') shape. Nary a shovel was lifted to tend to the front, except for when our parents stopped by and could no longer cope with the dandelion gardens we were cultivating. Fast-forward to this year. We have tentative game plans for what we want our yard to at least eventually look like and we've begun taking serious steps in that direction. In the same way I discovered one of my true callings in lawn mowing, my passion for gardening has surprised me. Could this be the hobby Jon told me I needed to find late last year!? The only thing keeping me from constantly digging around outside is a certain high maintenance little person who demands my undivided attention basically every waking moment of his day. That Jon can sure be a handful! (I jest) Last night Jon and I discovered that a 7:30ish bedtime and longer days affords us an hour to two of uninterrupted yard work. I began mulching the peninsula between our neighbor and our driveways while Jon continued to transplant the grass in the back from where our shed will go to where the previous owners' shed was (and is currently just a grassless rectangle).
Just because I said I liked it doesn't mean I'm good at it
When I ran out of mulch (drab!) I shifted my focus to the black plastic the previous owners had laid down in an effort to thwart weeds. Given the fact that there were wayyyy more weeds than intentional plants in the beds, I deemed the plastic useless and declared war. I got a fair amount of plastic (and found a salamander/screamed in terror in the process) and weeds out while Jon trimmed some of the boxwoods we have. We probably spent about an hour and a half outside in all and I am so excited to keep improving our house's curb appeal and make it feel more homey!

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