Wednesday, May 1, 2013

knock, knock

Big congrats to my warrior husband on finishing out his spring semester! He doesn't get much of a break because he's taking 2 classes this summer (which start Monday) but I am so proud and in awe of the way he balances working weekends, stay at home dad-ing, AND getting A's each semester. This time next year we should have a graduate on our hands!

In other news, there are some big and exciting things happening at casa de flip...

(no, I did not catch the bug that seems to be going around lately... this is not a pregnancy announcement)

We're getting a new front door!
{image source}
We finally found someone to do the install at a reasonable price and because of the reasonable price we were able to shell out a hare more for the door we both loved. We're getting it installed on Friday (theoretically) and I am jumping out of my body with excitement! We actually have quite a few other things going on at our house this weekend: shed installation in the backyard, termite people are coming out to do that preventative treatment we should have done last year, and we're having someone come check out our tree in the back to give us an estimate on trimming some of the branches that are encroaching on the power lines. We've also done a bit more landscaping in the back and I hope to take measurements for an organic soil delivery all around the house. We have plans to un-jankify our shutters in the front (yes. they are janky again, literally like the day we moved in with 1 window having only 1 shutter) and add some mulch and hopefully edging to the front. Then there's the half bathroom reno that we have slated for the second week of July with these crazy kids...

Stay tuned for lots of pictures in the coming days and weeks!

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