Thursday, May 16, 2013

pallet love

I've been saying for a while that I want to build a pallet bench/sofa/whatever for our enclosed porch. We have 0 furniture for out there but 2 glorious Target outdoor pillows we got on mega clearance last winter. Acquiring the pallets has been my greatest challenge to date.

Then at work I went on a walk with a couple software engineers around the perimeter of our building. One of the other companies in the building had a stack of pallets by their dumpster. I persuaded coerced my comrades into helping me get a pallet that was about 5 deep. When it was in my possession, I did this:
We proceeded to load it into my car when a potential new hire/interviewee walked past us and headed inside.

If watching 3 people attempt to shove a pallet into a soccer mom hatchback isn't a major company selling point I don't know what is.

Later on I decided to do a quick pallet upcycle Pinterest search.


I already informed our software engineers this is going to be an every day occurrence until I have hoarded every single pallet that is in the immediate vicinity of our building. They were 100% enthusiastic and on board.

...or they did this:

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