Tuesday, May 21, 2013

sun porch

We are finally working on the sun porch that sits on the back of our house and I am stupidly excited.

We need to paint the ceiling and walls still. We also have to strip and repaint the window/door frames and door, replace the flooring, paint the table we have out there, move a bunch of stuff to the basement, and create a pallet love seat. I'd like to add the finishing touches of curtains and some natural wood accents (details later) but that's lowest on my priority list.

Either way, our porch has previously been housing a variety of tools, garden equipment, and stray leaves for the better part of eternity. We began migrating items down to the basement and I busted out the bleach wipes and vacuum and holy poo. Jon also installed our new outdoor LED ceiling fan. What a difference these minor things have made!
So perfect, right? Until you pan to the other side of the room and see the miscellaneous crap we need to take to the basement...
Baby steps...

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