Friday, May 3, 2013


At 39 weeks, we suspect Elden has another ear infection, but this time in his right ear. His 9-month well visit is on Monday so we will find out for sure then. He is definitely more aware of his actions and has thrown a few obvious temper tantrums recently. He's mostly back to sleeping 8p-6a then 6:30a-8a, is most certainly beginning to wean himself, and has been having some tummy troubles as a result. He loves to give cuddles, bounce, and stand up in the tub. Outside is easily his favorite place--it doesn't matter if he's in his stroller, sitting in the grass or in our arms. Take him outside and he's the happiest boy alive. Nine months ago today our lives were changed forever and even though parenting this precious boy has been hands down the biggest challenge of our lives, we couldn't picture our family without him. So much love for such a tiny person it's crazy!

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