Friday, June 7, 2013

anniversary recap

Last year we didn't do a single thing for our anniversary. Between buying the house and unpacking to being pretty pregnant, we agreed we had too much on our plates. Eventually Elden came and stuff got hard. Really hard. This year of marriage didn't treat us well. That's why I decided this year would reach go big or go home status. Overcoming big struggle deserves big recognition and reward, amiright?

Jon and I agreed to spend no more than $40 on each other, to be divided up however we saw fit between our anniversary and Mother's/Father's Day. Since it was the leather anniversary, I had originally bought him a leather shoulder strap for his messenger bag/briefcase type thing he takes to school. However, when it showed up it didn't match so I sent it back. Then I stumbled upon this. Jon has been itching for shorts in this color for probably 2 years. They were also having a sale that brought the price down to $29.99. Done!

Naturally, I couldn't wait until our anniversary and gave them to him the day they arrived. (he's worn them every day he's worn shorts since)

I also hadn't told him that I had arranged for our sweet friends, Maeghan and Jon, to watch Elden so that we could go to dinner at Crave in Akron on our actual anniversary... until I did. What can I say!? Excitement gets the best of me. Crave? Totally incredible.
baked goat cheese, puttanesca, and garlic ciabatta = AMAZING
I got the cornflake chicken sandwich with manchego, caramelized onions, & BBQ sauce on smoked paprika aioli sourdough, Jon got the steak wrap with chihuahua cheese and chimichurri aioli (not pictured)
I did manage to keep one surprise from him, though. I had arranged for the talented baker-son of one of my coworkers to bake a cake in our original wedding cake flavors (chocolate cake with almond buttercream). I arranged with the head chef/owner to bring it by before our reservations and they surprised Jon with it after we ate!
Forgot to take a pic before we began digging in...
The valet almost thwarted my efforts when we pulled up and he said, "hey weren't you just here a little bit ago!?" to which I frantically shook my head 'no' with eyes as wide as saucers (Jon was looking at him not me). Thankfully Jon knows I'm not shady and didn't pursue that any further during dinner, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face! We loved the ambiance of the restaurant, the staff was incredibly friendly and attentive, and the menu was creative and delicious. Elden didn't scare away our friends and had a great time with his buddy, Cole:
stolen from Jon
Ginormous thank you our dear friends for braving a few hours in the usually-fussy evening with our guy so we could get out and reconnect! Oh! Also! Guess who is officially crawling:

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  1. I'm like you - I have to give Dave his gifts right away. His father's day gift came yesterday and I put it in the closet in hopes I can make it to next weekend. :)