Tuesday, June 25, 2013

auf wiedersehen

Things will be pretty quiet around here for the next week or so.

I'm heading to Germany today. I found out on Friday--it's a last-minute business trip. I get into Frankfurt Wednesday morning at 7 am, hop on a train to Wurzburg, and basically need to head straight to meetings. Once those are over I have every intention of crashing very hard in my hotel room. First thing Thursday I have additional meetings until I hop on a train back to Frankfurt where I will spend the night (hopefully seeing my cousins, Tilo and Karla) and take a plane home first thing Friday morning.

If you could please be praying 1) for safety for all of us - nothing worse than a phone call saying your baby is sick when you're an ocean away, 2) that I don't get terribly lost, and 3) for our hearts as it is going to be hard on all of us to be apart. I sobbed as I put Elden down for his most recent nap because that was my 'goodbye.' I don't think I'll have a lot of time and/or energy to do much in Germany outside of my meetings, but if you happen to see me wandering aimlessly around (or know any must-eat-at restaurants or adorably affordable baby clothing shops in Wurzburg or Frankfurt) say hi and tell me what's up.

Until later... auf wiedersehen :)

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  1. Oh how awesome! I don't know a particular restaurant, but make sure to eat one of our favorite street food/fast food dishes in Germany: Döner Kebab. It is the best thing ever and my American husband complains often that we do not have the exact thing here. It is also really cheap and available everywhere!