Monday, June 17, 2013

baby chair

We have a reclining chair with accompanying ottoman that we affectionately refer to as the man chair. This was one of 2 main purchases we made of brand new furniture when we started preparing our first home together because Jon insisted that all men need a recliner. Ironically, I probably sit in it more often. Either way, Elden is mesmerized by it and always trying to climb onto it. There's a little side table right next to it that has been taken over by his toys. Whenever I put Elden in the man (baby?) chair, he insists on having his toys from that side table put on the chair with him... all of his toys. I tried getting away with just letting him have one toy in the chair yesterday and this is the face he gave me:
So I gave in and provided the rest and suddenly his sour expression turned to one of joy:
Someone definitely inherited his dad's hoarding tendencies...

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