Saturday, June 15, 2013


At 45 weeks, Elden is officially a crawling maniac. He takes off like a lightning bolt and thinks it's hilarious if you crawl around on the floor with him. He also thinks high fives are hilarious. Elden now recognizes the term 'blow kisses,' as well as 'say hi!' and 'say bye!' This week he tried Brussels sprouts, and like everything else he's eaten, loved them. On that same subject, his appetite puts mine to shame and if you know me at all you understand just how impressive that is. I think we may be moving towards 1 long nap per day but I'm holding out as long as I possibly can on the 2nd and the endangered 3rd naps we can usually get. We have ordered most of his birthday party supplies and have begun menu planning and can't believe that in less than 2 months we will have a one-year-old.

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