Saturday, June 22, 2013


At 46 weeks, Elden experienced several firsts: his first dental visit, his first (top) molars cutting through, and his first time pulling himself from sitting to standing. Elden thinks climbing down the stairs (with our help, obviously) is hysterical. We're having a baby shower at our house today for a friend and when he came downstairs and saw the banners and decorations he grinned and grinned like this was all for him. I have officially stopped breastfeeding (I pump and we offer bottles) because he had taken to biting again and much harder than the first time around. He has been sleeping from about 6:30-6 every night and will take usually a morning and an afternoon nap. Food is still one of his all-time favorites and he also learned how to more gently pet Marsala so she comes around a lot more frequently now. I think she's starting to love him as much as we do! ;)

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