Sunday, June 9, 2013

sun porch 2.0

After receiving some items from Jon's parents and hitting up a garage sale yesterday, our sun porch is really starting to come together. While Jon was at work I did some rearranging and moved a whole bunch of stuff to the basement (related: our basement needs a whole lotta organizing love now!). There's only 1 thing that needs to go down there and it is definitely a 2, if not 3-man job. I'm hoping to get that downstairs sometime this week since we are having family over for Father's Day brunch and I'd like for the porch to be in better shape.
Table came from garage sale, lounger from Jon's parents
The cabinets are the remaining piece that need to go downstairs
Have to add the bungee back to the left chair and fix my shotty bungee job on the right one
It's hard to tell but I also finally added the weather strip to the bottom of the door
The obvious major things we need to do out here are replace the flooring and paint. Here's my ideal list of all things we'll get done eventually:
-replace floors with hardwood or some other hard floor
-paint walls & ceiling
-hang curtains
-paint main table a bright color
-spray paint the table & 2 chairs we got from the yard sale
-reupholster the cushions for the 2 chairs we got from the yard sale
-scrape and repaint the interior door and windows
-build a pallet coffee table (this has changed now that we got the loveseat-type chairs)

The floors are the highest on my priority list because there's no way in heck I'm letting Elden crawl around on the nasty carpet that exists out there now. Hoping to get that done ASAP!

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